Sunday, June 04, 2006

Letter from Literary Digest

An interesting letter is up for sale on E-Bay. The publishers of Literary Digest wrote to Garrett in 1936 to inquire as to the pronounciation of his name.

The letter reads as follows:

October 12, 1936

Mr. Garet Garrett

Tuckahoe, N.J.

Dear Sir:

We have been asked for the correct pronunciation of your name, and as none of your books of reference indicate it, may we ask you to please give us the pronunciation-- both of the given name and the surname, showing the syllables to be stressed. We wish to have this correct for our files for future reference.

Thanking you for your cooperation

Yours Truly,

Chalres E. Funk.

Garrett's reply appears at the bottom:
"I pronounce it as garret, for the room on the top floor, and both the same. Garet Garrett (Signature)"

This is not my e-bay sale.

The link for the sale is here.

The letter appears to provide one tiny window into the workings of the publishing world of the 1930's.

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