Thursday, December 08, 2005

People's Pottage quotes

Over the past few days I have included quotes from Garrett at my other blog in an effort to attract traffic here and to promote this blog for the Weblog Awards.

The quotes appear on page 85 of The People's Pottage:

Why do we suffer the censorious opinions of the world to be as sackcloth on our skin and ashes on our forehead? Why must we accept the expectations of other people as the measure of our obligation to them?
About 1900 began the flowering of that alien graft upon our tree of sapience called the intellectual. He was the precious product of our free, academic world - a social theorist who knew more than anybody else about everything and all about nothing, except how to subvert the traditions and invert the laws.

The People's Pottage is Garrett's most famous work (actually a collection of three essays written in three different decades). That book will take numerous posts to fully describe, review and appreciate. I intend to undertake that task after I explore more of Garrett's novels.

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