Monday, January 23, 2006

The American Omen - new E-bay sale

The American Omen is up for sale on E-bay again.

I don't know what the reserve is, but the last time I saw a copy for sale (with a dust jacket) the sale price ended up at $ 73.00.

I don't know what condition the book is in or anything about the seller (and it is not my sale) but the occasion of the auction provides a good excuse to post this blurb about the book (courtesy of Bruce Ramsey in Salvos Against the New Deal (page 13):

At the high note of the roaring twenties, Garrett laid out his vision of the "new economy" in the American Omen (1928) - a largely non-union world of professional management, time-saving machines, just-in-time inventory control ("hand-to-mouth buying") and high wages. It was a world in which people accepted inequality of income and wealth. "There is no evidence that men want to be equal," Garrett wrote. "Here, if a man says the state owes him liberty, protection, equality of opportunity, that is already acknowledged. These are political benefits. But if he says the state owes him a living, he is ridiculed."

As soon as I read my own copy, I will post a more thorough description, explanation and review of The American Omen (as I intend to do with all of the Garrett books that I own).



The e-bay auction ended with one bid for $ 9.99. The auction page indicated that the reserve was not met.

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