Monday, December 30, 2013

Bernard Baruch, Garet Garrett and The Driver

Click here and here for previous posts on Garet Garrett's association with Bernard Baruch (as well as references to Baruch's career as a Wall Street financier and presidential advisor).

Bernard Baruch read and reviewed Garrett's novel, The Driver. Next to the title page of my 1924 edition of Satan's Bushel, E.P. Dutton & Company placed some blurbs about Garrett's prior works, including excerpts from Baruch's endorsement of The Driver:

I feel as did Mark Sullivan, who said: 'Garet Garrett has written one of the great novels of the day.' . . . That is beside the point to one who wants to study man and his works. . . . The thing that impresses me is its fidelity to life.

Click here for my quotation of Time's 1923 review of The Driver.

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