Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Time's 1923 review of Driver; E. H. Harriman

From Time magazine's review - March 17, 1923

"The hero of this novel is a super-railroad magnate called Henry M. Galt. He is inferred to be a portrait or, more exactly, caricature — of E. H. Harriman. He is described as "a small man, weighing less than one hundred pounds, with a fretful, nagging body," who walks with "a bantam, egregious stride." The plot of the novel is the story of Galt's triumphs. Incident by incident they may be substantially paralleled in Mr. Harriman's career. First, a spectacular rise; second, reverses, foes, almost defeat; finally, triumph and death. Mr. Garrett has written many articles about Wall Street. What private sources of information he may have had access to is not known. But the book in general follows the broad lines of the great railroader's generally known career."


Driver - 2007 Edition

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