Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Weblog Awards - final results

Thank you to all who voted for this blog in the recent Weblog Awards online poll. As you can see from the results, this blog finished near the bottom, but it received more attention in that two week period than it had received in weeks.

Numerous like-minded people discovered Garrett's works and someone even bought a copy of Insatiable Government through the Amazon button on this blog (btw, I have yet to see a dime from all of the online purchases that have been made through my two blogs).

For those who are new to this blog and to Garet Garrett, please check back in from time to time. I have renewed incentive to post more items here now that I have a small audience.

This blog will never challenge the major blogs for traffic, but the specialty nature of this blog insures that those who have a specific interest in constitutional government, early 20th century literature, the New Deal, etc., will have a place to go for information and enlightenment.

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Thursday, December 08, 2005

People's Pottage quotes

Over the past few days I have included quotes from Garrett at my other blog in an effort to attract traffic here and to promote this blog for the Weblog Awards.

The quotes appear on page 85 of The People's Pottage:

Why do we suffer the censorious opinions of the world to be as sackcloth on our skin and ashes on our forehead? Why must we accept the expectations of other people as the measure of our obligation to them?
About 1900 began the flowering of that alien graft upon our tree of sapience called the intellectual. He was the precious product of our free, academic world - a social theorist who knew more than anybody else about everything and all about nothing, except how to subvert the traditions and invert the laws.

The People's Pottage is Garrett's most famous work (actually a collection of three essays written in three different decades). That book will take numerous posts to fully describe, review and appreciate. I intend to undertake that task after I explore more of Garrett's novels.

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Another Garet Garrett sighting at Joe Sobran's page

Joe Sobran has quoted Garet Garrett again. This quote appeared in the November 24th column. These Garrett quotes by modern writers are so rare that they are worth repeating whenever they occur:

Garet Garrett, another critic of Roosevelt, understood that the United States was undergoing a revolution — of the kind Aristotle had called “revolution within the form."

Sobran wrote more extensively about Garrett [and Sobran's own discovery of Garrett] here. I will comment on that column in the future.

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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

2005 Weblog Awards

This blog has been nominated for the 2005 Weblog Awards in the Best of the Rest category. This is the category for the smaller blogs that do not yet generate much traffic.

For those of you that have been directed here from the awards/voting page, this blog promotes the writings of early 20th century conservative writer Garet Garrett. I seek to rediscover conservatism's roots by reviewing Garrett's little known novels and, ultimately, Garrett's political essays during the New Deal.

Garrett has long been rumored to have influenced the writings of Ayn Rand. Many similarities exist between Garrett's novels, particularly The Driver, and various Rand novels and plays.

Garrett is enjoying a mini-renaissance lately due to the recent publication of various compilations of his Saturday Evening Post essays. You can find links to and descriptions of these and other works of Garrett throughout this blog.

The rules allow you to vote early and often, please do so here.

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